Our Company


Durabelt’s roots originated in Holland in the 1960’s where belted chain was developed. The company was known as Wevea B.V. In the early 1980’s, Wevea B.V. established a small dealer network in North America and supplied product from their manufacturing facility in Holland. The product was well received but the lead-time to supply product from Holland was lengthy.


The company’s dealer on Prince Edward Island (PEI) approached Wevea B.V. about establishing a plant in PEI to assemble belted chain from components and supply the company’s North American dealer network. This would reduce or effectively eliminate the long lead-time for product from Europe and enhance sales. The end result of those discussions was the purchase of Wevea B.V. by PEI interests and the plant was relocated to Montague, PEI in 1984.


The new company name was Wevea Canada Limited Partnership and began manufacturing product in early 1985. As part of the company’s strategy, the trade name DURABELT was used to identify the company’s product line.


The number of dealers grew and the company introduced a number of new products including urethane rod coverings, flights, rollers, and sprockets which set itself apart from the competition.


In 1990 a new group of shareholders was formed and Durabelt Inc. was created in March of that year. In 1996 Durabelt Inc. was sold to Noffsinger Manufacturing and since has grown substantially. Hook chain, wire belt, and rubber molding, produced at the Noffsinger facilities were added to the products Durabelt offered its’ customers. It has developed a reputation of delivering quality products, on time, and at a competitive price. The company is 100% dedicated to servicing the customers’ and ultimately the farmers’ needs.


The future direction of Durabelt Inc. is to continue to grow by expanding the dealer network, actively pursuing opportunities with equipment manufacturers and development of new products.